N-am reuşit să ajung la Brand Minds anul ăsta, însă am pus pe listă evenimentul pentru anul viitor. Am încercat, totuşi, să urmăresc ceea ce s-a scris pe Facebook. Cei mai mulţi oameni au servit câte o idee rătăcită printre poze de la super mare distanţă cu robotul Sophia şi cu alţi speakeri, au fost doar câteva postări mai consistente. În rest hatereli şi glumiţe cu roboţi.

Mi-ar fi plăcut un live-blogging ca pe vremuri, dar nici în urmă cu 5-6 ani nu erau mulţi oameni capabili să extragă foarte rapid ideile principale şi să le posteze, între timp probabil că acei oameni s-au lăsat de sportul ăsta. 

Am găsit un articol la Călin Biriş şi am mai găsit o serie de postări pe Facebook. Am dat copy-paste şi embed pentru că mi se pare util să rămână undeva informaţia, iar pe Facebook nu mă mai bazez de mult. Tot ce e acolo e ca şi pierdut după 2-3 zile.

Seth Godin la Brand Minds.
As marketeers, we identify small amounts of interest and use it as golf players take small ridiculous applauses as signs.

learn how to see, how to look around – maybe bats with their heads down are at a party if you reverse the pic
connections keep increasing and increasing
everyone in the world, a click away is your customer – good news; the bad news – everyone in the world might be your competition
average products for average people – everyone wants to buy- current situation. 
attention spam of a goldfish – this is what we have. But your clients are not goldfish so stop yieling at them on ALL channels available

Things changed. Ok. Let’s be sad.
Now let’s get to business.

people like sunflowers in marketing: they want to be tall, bright, stand in the sun and win. BUT what we forget is that sunflowers have very very deep roots.
the cat food is not for cats. If it were, it would be mice-flavoured. But the food is for the master who pays for it and wants aspirational stories.
 on the market, be the one that would be missed
 make a change, a story, a difference

Questions, ideas, food for thought:
🔊SMALLEST VIABLE MARKET – if you sell shoes do not aim to sell to everyone who has legs.
The average gets smaller and smaller as more customization and new opportunities are offered to consumers. No more instant success with average products for average people.
🔊 METCALFE LAW – the power of a network and its amazing exponential curve
🔊 TURN THE FUNNEL INTO A MEGAPHONE and give it to your fans to talk about you
🔊 ORDINARY COWS ARE BORING. PURPLE COWS ARE NOT. Remarkable is simple. Worth making a remark about, talk-about intrinsec value 
🔊 GRIT is essential for success – this is the opportunity in these times
🔊 SOWUBANA- humanity delivery and human touch, belonging and storytelling
🔊 ENROLLEMENT – think of your customers as students.

The post-industrial world: CONNECTION ECONOMY based on:
exchange of ideas

We live in a world of abundence. And yet, we go to work like the world is full of scarcity.

Now the tribes are everywhere: red hat ladies and other red heads:).

People usually do what other people do and love it. That unlocks this revolution. Not all people. Our people.


Lead, organize and connect the tribe. 
THIS IS NOT YOUR TRIBE. You, marketeers are just narrators.

Singing in the rain – this is the title of the movie. NOT singing with an umbrella in the rain. Because the focus must be on the vulnerability.

Some key take-outs from Robert Sharma at #BrandMinds2018:
– collective deprofessionalisation of business is the curent situation
– we live a world of entitlement; people drink their coffee and eat their croissants while clients are waiting
– fluid line between business and private life -> checking friends update on social media at work becomes normal and this means shifing focus from work to social
– I have never seen so many mistakes done in business
– seeach: Oserola McCarty story
– Make little seamningly insignificat improvements and optimization to your life everyday
– consistency in obbeying the fundamentals
– say thank you/welcome
– fake power is built on cars, fans and titles
– If you are not early, you are late.
– Mindset and heartset matter both
– Be merchants of Wow
– Be the Kanye of management
– Einstein- postman. Wee see great people as gifted but is 20 years of suffering. 
– The root of the word Passion is Suffer. Mastery is a sport.
– In order to push limits you need to get to the limits.
– Mindset and heartset are muscles.
– 60-minutes of student: read, study 60 minutes a day
– Limiting your beliefs limits your performance

The New Rules of Legendary Rules:
1. The one who helps the best profits the most.
2. Leadership 2.0 is a performance not a title.
3. A job is only a job if seen as a job.
4. Big leaders grow more leaders.
5. Leadership is about 3 gifts: inspiration, infuence and impact.

Institute the Monopoly of Mastery.


Brandminds 2018
Acum aproape un an scriam despre evenimentul Brandminds si speakerii de atunci. Spuneam ca a fost, poate, cea mai buna conferinta la care am participat si particip la destule. Ei bine, anul asta, echipa Brandminds s-a (auto)depasit. Conferinta a crescut la 3000 de oameni, locatia s-a mutat la Sala Palatului. Dar totul a fost aproape perfect. Spun “aproape” pentru ca va urma si Brandminds 2019 si trebuie sa am o rezerva pentru viitorul “Cel mai bun”. Felicitari maxime organizatorilor.

Am sa fac o sinteza foarte scurta la fiecare speaker, voi folosi limba Engleza pentru ca asa sunt notitele. De data asta, imi voi permite sa comentez pe langa continut si calitatea public speaking-ului.

Robin Sharma.
Probabil cel mai bun speaker dpdv tehnic. Continutul cam acelasi, pentru cei care l-au mai vazut. Oricum, o aducere aminte nu strica din cand in cand.
– To lead is to serve. Ask yourself:
o Who did you become?
o How many people have you helped?
– Leadership is what you do when nobody is watching
– When you are the most successful, you are the most vulnerable
– The new rules of leadership
o The one who helps the best profits
o Leadership 2.0 is a performance not a title
o A job is only a job if you see it as a job
o Real leaders grow more leaders
o Leadership is about 3 gifts: Inspiration, Influence, Impact
– The private wisdom of world-class performers
o Doorway to success opens inward not outward
o You will never rise higher than your character
o Work on your inner life

Helen Fisher
O livrare medie. Mult prea mult continut. Dar, mi-a atras atentia si m-a facut sa-mi doresc sa explorez subiectul despre care a vorbit, respectiv o alta perspectiva a profilelor de personalitate si influenta lor in advertising
– Don’t just listen to the content, listen to the words the use!
– Do to others, what they would do to themselves!
– When you understand the brain, you can reach anyone!
– Vezi poza pentru model

Shed Simove
O dovada ca aparentele inseala. A livrat un speech foarte bun, in categoria divertisment, dar si cu content rezonabil.
– 3 tips for creativity:
o Twist of update something already there
o Bring together two unrelated ideas
o Take an idea from another industry
– Treat your life like an experiment
– Life is not pass/fail
– Experiments don’t fail, they get results
– Everything other than nature is man made!
– If you can’t beat them, create your own competition, and then you win!
– When you are small, if you can do something that affects the big, you can get big with it (in the process)!
– Don’t focus on products, focus on stories

Sophia, the robot
Absolut nimic care sa ma impresioneze. Poate singura idee de luat acasa: AI will be like electricity!

Daniel Goleman.
Cea mai slaba livrare. Il mai vazusem, deci nu aveam asteptari. Acelasi efect: de adormire. Continut bun, dar nu extraordinar.
– Leadership is good work done by other people
– Quick tips for performance:
o Set very clear goals
o Let them achieve them in their own way
o Give constant performance feedback
– In our times, attention is a commodity that can be sold
– Information consumes attention
– Genius means hitting targets others can’t see
– Emotions are contagious (Robin Sharma spune mai devreme Energy is contagious)

Seth Godin
O livrare foarte aproape de a lui Robin Sharma. Continut foarte interesant. Putin cam mult content pentru timpul alocat. Mi-a fost greau sa notez tot ce as fi vrut sa notez. Locul 1 pentru mine din lineup-ul de anul asta.
– Everyone is your customer
– Everyone is your competition
– We’re responding to the fact that there are too many choices by making more choices!  Advertising like crazy!
– Scarcity has left the building! Her comes abundance!
– The rules aren’t going to work as they used to…
– Idnetify your smallest viable market
o Who’s it for?
o What’s it for?
– People hear differently so you have to speak differently
– Takeaway:
o Learn how to see
o Make better decisions
o Lead
– Turn on lights for people. Once they see, they cannot unsee!
– Cost of connection is so low! Value has to be so high!
– Meaningful specific versus wondering generality
– Will you choose to matter?

Asta e un foarte scurt rezumat al notitelor mele.
Mult mai interesant decat notitele este sa-i vedeti live, ceea ce va incurajez sa faceti. Line-up partial de anul viitor este foarte, foarte interesant, dar las dezvaluirea lui in sarcina organizatorilor.
Anul asta am intalnit mult mai mult cunoscuti. Felicitari!